Le Petite Liner Micro Precision Eye Liner
Le Petite Liner Micro Precision Eye Liner

Le Petite Liner Micro Precision Eye Liner

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The new micro eyeliner pencil for an exceptional precise definition. Get a much more controlled make-up on your eyes using this smaller dimension eye pencil. The payoff is creamy, intense and defining. Easy to handle and to carry on. A perfectly designed lead diameter with a balance of ingredients to allow comfort during application. The eye pencil comes in the box with a dedicated mini-sharpener
• Ultra-fine nib allows for precise and effortless application
• Lead is thin and tiny for filling with a full lash effect
• Slim, wood pencil allows for easy control
• High coverage and intense color release
• Good balance between pay-off and precision
• Precise and easy definition
• Vitamin E with antioxidant properties
HOW TO USE: For a precise tight-line:
• Start from the inner corner of your upper eyelid and sweep the pencil as close to your lash line as you can.
• Draw a thin line across your eyelid outwards until you are two thirds towards the outer corner, then lift and extend the line outwards and upwards to create the illusion of an almond-shaped eye.
For a smoky look:
• Line along the lash-line, then smudge and blend up toward bridge using Eyeshadow Brush (sold separately).
• Layer with a deep eyeshadow, then blend and diffuse using Blending Shadow Brush (sold separately).
For a razor sharp: Create a thin, precise wing with a soft matte finish using LE PETIT LINER. Trace the lash line closely to create subtle definition and a full lash effect, then elongate the eye by tracing a small angled line on the lid’s outer corner, following the natural angle of the lower lashes. Use the Pointed Eye Liner Brush to control the line for an ultra-sharp wing and soft black effect.