2023 KFP Certification for CARELINE

Pesach 2023 Hechsher

Dear Customer,

         As in previous years, we are pleased to once again present you with the Hechsher for the Careline products approved to be used on Pesach by the Skver Hechsher. The only cosmetics brand with an official Hechsher, where every product is carefully examined by the Rabbonim.
         Lots of time and effort goes into providing this Hechsher every year. One should not assume that because a product was kosher last year, it is kosher this year or vice versa. We therefore ask you to please review it carefully, and make sure that customers are chas vesholom not being misled.

         As you can see, there is a separate certificate for all lip products. The reason for this is, that all lip products are also checked for non kosher ingredients because they are applied to the mouth area. This certificate certifies that the products listed are Kosher L'mehadrin and can be used year round as well.

         Please note: the Careline Everlast lipsticks not listed on this list, do not contain any chometz and are okay to use as well. They might contain a miniscule amount (.01%) of carmine (non-kosher). While most Rabbonim are okay with it, Skver is very stringent and did not want to certify them. 

        We thank you again for being a valued customer, and we hope to continue to service your needs in the future.

Wishing you,
A Happy Purim and A Chag Kosher V'Sameach!