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Enigma Mascara

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This new mascara`s patented, two-sided brush amplifies lashes, creating a full, intense look – from lash root to tip. The Enigma Mascara creates professional, effortless looks in minutes  that won`t smudge!

What’s unique about this mascara?

Double-sided, dual-action brush:

Defines lash line as it extends, lengthens and thickens lashes.

Two-sided brush – an exclusive patent by Careline!

Professional makeup artists apply false lashes or use two types of brushes to create full, intense eye looks. 

First, they use a dense brush to apply a thick layer of mascara to lash roots. Then, they use a long-bristle brush to apply the mascara all through the lash. This professional make-up technique creates full, dense lashes at the root, and long, thin lashes at the tip – a natural, yet dramatic look.

The unique brush is a registered patent of Careline!

Additional benefits:

  • Creamy texture coats each lash from root to tip
  • Beautiful, femininely designed tube
  • Full coverage in one easy application

Among the ingredients:

  • A combination of natural waxes that moisturize and nourish lashes.
  • Enriched with red algae extract that is rich in minerals, improving lashes` elasticity. Won`t dry out or flake.
  • An advanced plant polymer provides light macroscopic coverage for lashes, enabling weather and water resistance.